• The Fen-phen case miss trial is a travesty. The greed that was displayed by the attorney’s was caractertistics of the entire profession. This behavior is further exhibited in the congress where many of them are attorney’s. It is time we as americans resist and demand greater ethics in the legal profession. Trial lawyers should not be allowed to bilk the system at the expense of the citizens who they are supposed to serve.

  • D Bell:

    How does one distinguish between one lawyer’s ardent pursuit of justice from another lawyer’s voracious greed?

    The problem is, in my opinion, the foolish notion that juries have appreciable medical or engineering judgment. Sometimes juries are just mind boggling stupid, as the jury that believed a lawnmower flipped itself down an incline to attack some poor lady in Pennsylvania. They had trouble distinguishing a machine from a black bear.

    The problem with juries put our children at terrible risk with respect to vaccines, and the congress had to enact special legislation to protect our children from juries.

    I like the idea of preemption. The FDA requires and monitors multi-million dollars of testing for drugs and medical devices. That should be good enough. Unhappily, Donald Kennedy, who actually ran the FDA, wickedly wrote an editorial in SCIENCE magazine against preemption. I was flabbergasted.