• The truth has been told.

    No doubt some busy body, do-gooder is now hard at work trying to secure a ban on objecting to bans and with our luck they will find a politician to get it made into law.

  • Naw, they won’t even need a politician–just someone to claim to be a “victim”, sue for $$$$, and get a judge idiotic enough to rule in the “victim”‘s favor.

    Said $$$$ award would be split 35% attorney(s), 55% to some advocacy group (Greenpeace, Al Gore, Sierra Club, PAW, etc.), 10% to “victim”.

  • These people know what is best for you. You will go along with it, you will submit to all aspects of it for your own good and you will shut your mouths. The surveilance cameras will be installed in your domiciles and your activities will be monitored to make sure they they comply with the regulations of the state. That is all. You are dismissed!