Banning menthol cigarettes?

In a daring journalistic departure, yesterday’s New York Times “Style” section piece actually interviewed some people who use the product. (Mireya Navarro, “Take Away Their Menthols? Is That Cool?”, Aug. 3). The paper’s coverage a week ago, by contrast, hewed more strictly to the favored narrative of the “tobacco control” crowd, vilifying as corrupt black members of Congress not yet ready to jump on board in banning a product very popular with their constituents. (Stephanie Saul, “Blacks in Congress Split Over Menthol Cigarettes”, Jul. 25).

One Comment

  • You know, once they ban menthol cigarettes, which are favored by blacks, some one will make the argument that allowing the continued sale of other cigarettes has a disproportionate impact on the choices of blacks, who have shown that they do not prefer non-menthol cigarettes. Voila! – a good reason to shut down sales of ALL cigarettes.

    BTW, I don’t smoke, never have, and would never marry/date someone who does. Can’t stand the smell. But I think that our society would be MUCH more dangerous to live in if cigarettes were banned. See e.g., “War on Drugs”, “Prohibition”.