Coordinating the Edwards story

Thursday’s New York Times investigates Fred Baron’s role (Serge F. Kovaleski and Mike McIntyre, “Lawyers’ Ties Hint at Extent of Hiding Edwards’s Affair”, Aug. 14; AP/L.A. Times; commentary at Deceiver, Jeralyn Merritt/TalkLeft, Greg Pollowitz/NRO Media Blog, DBKP; earlier). And more from DBKP here and here. P.S. And I didn’t realize until reading USA Today’s profile that scandal figure Andrew Young has served not only as a loyal Edwards foot soldier, but also as a lobbyist for the North Carolina trial lawyers’ association.


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  • Lawyers for both Hunter and Young claimed in written statements that Young is the father. If it turns out that Edwards is the dad…which it surely will…is there a consequence or can lawyers lie as long as they are not under oath? Anyone have an answer. Thanks.

  • There is no consequence (at least, not one that gets enforced). Lawyers can (and do) lie without consequence about very important things every day. Being under oath doesn’t seem to have an impact very often, either.