Fred Baron’s version of the Rielle Hunter payments

Baron grants an interview to the Texas Lawyer, and makes some implausible claims:

Baron says that in late 2007 he helped Hunter, former Edwards campaign worker Andrew Young, Young’s wife and the Youngs’ three children relocate to California from North Carolina, because they were being hounded by tabloid reporters and paparazzi.

“It was just a horrible, horrible situation,” Baron says. “I paid for them to relocate to another home in another state.”

Baron says he paid for several months of rent on a house in Santa Barbara, Calif., out of his own pocket and didn’t inform Edwards. “I never discussed it with John. He was on the campaign trail in Iowa at the time,” Baron says.

Baron declines to say how much he spent in rent for the house but says reports that he paid $15,000 a month are not true.

Baron says he did not learn of Edwards’ affair with Hunter until about two or three weeks ago, when Edwards told him and some other friends. “I was shocked,” Baron says.

Like Amy Alkon, I am happy to accept relocation to Santa Barbara if Fred Baron wants to spread his generosity around. I don’t even need an ocean view, though I can apparently get one for only $2600-$3900 a week.

Some questions remain:

  • When did Andrew Young stop working for Edwards, and why?
  • How did Young and Hunter afford those nice homes in North Carolina to begin with?

NB that federal campaign finance laws limit me to giving $2300 to Obama or McCain per election cycle; I am not allowed to get around that by instead spending tens of thousands of dollars of rent for their campaign workers or secret lovers.

I don’t think the National Enquirer is the most credible source in the world, but it’s more credible than either Edwards or Baron, so it’s worth noting that their latest story claims that Edwards was aware of the Baron payments.


  • I’ve seen that claim by Baron and by Edwards that Hunter and the Youngs were “hounded” by press and paparazzi, and that’s why Baron had to help them.

    This, of course, was BEFORE anyone (except a few on the internet and the Enquirer) thought this was news.

    So who were “hounding” them? As far as I can tell, there are NO photos, video clips, or anything about these folks (with the ONE exception of the NE’s photo of Hunter at the grocery store).

  • So, why doesn’t the IRS ask these questions?
    Way too much slippage in the Edwards/ Baron story.

  • I consider the Enquirer a very credible source. Their organization is owned and affiliated with some very sordid and questionable characters i.e. the lawyer who represented the Impeached President, Bill Jefferson Clinton during his trial. I really like the sound of that, the Impeached President, Bill Jefferson Clinton!

    The one source that I find very uncredible is ABC News. They sat on the story and eventually coerced John Edwards to come John Edwards clean. That is a very oxymoronic set of statements, John Edwards and clean.

    I am really sad to see that Bob Woodruff, of ABC News, did not ask Edwards continuous questions as to why he still was and still is seeing Ms. Hunter, even after the affair was supposedly over. Look to the credible source, the Enquirer, again.

    The rest of the MSM Main Stream Media is cuppable and neglectful for not investigating Edwards and the money trail. Had it not been for your blog site and a few others, this story would have died. I think the Federal campaign and donation laws should be fully investigated and penalties rendered on to Edwards and his buddy Baron. Isn’t Baron traipsing along the same lines as the Impeached President, Bill Jefferson Clinton, when he could possibly and maybe eventually held in contempt of court?

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