Guest Blogger: May The Schwartz Be With You

Ever wonder who that “Schwartz” is listed under the “Other Law Blogs” links on the right of this page is? (Go ahead and check, I’ll wait.)

Well, it’s none other than me, Dan Schwartz, your guest blogger for the week.  I’m honored to be guest-blogging here for the week — nearly one year after I started my very own Connecticut Employment Law Blog.  When I’m not blogging, I’m a lawyer for Pullman & Comley, a terrific medium-sized firm that represents lots of businesses in Connecticut and beyond.   I’m a mere cub next to Overlawyered’s grizzled vets, but I’ll try to keep up with the pace this week.

So what do I blog about? Well, the blog’s title is that obvious, but it’s a little more than that too.  Crazy laws and strange cases are always ripe for discussion, but so does the item that passes beneath the radar.  Too often, employment cases are given short shrift with important details left out.   Litigation is much more complex than just winners and losers and sometimes the “loser” of the case may actually be the “winner” if they’ve done better than a settlement demand, for instance.

What’s on the agenda this week? You’ll just have to check back.  But keep forwarding those tips, suggestions and feedback.  And my sincere thanks to Walter and the Overlawyered team for the opportunity.

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