Is It In the Job Description?

And you thought you had a tough day at work.

Apparently, that pales in comparison to the day that one undercover cop had from Texas. His job was so rough, he claims that he had to have sex with a prostitute during a sting operation.  Unfortunately for him, his superiors didn’t think it was required. After being suspended, he’s brought suit challenging his discipline. At trial, here is his, ahem, money quote: “If you are asking if I had an orgasm, yes. It was a job, sir,” the cop said. “I didn’t have pleasure doing this. I was paid to do it.” (Beaumont Enterprise, 8/21)


  • I say we take him at his word… and arrest him immediately for prostitution. I mean, if he was having sex in order to earn his pay, how is it NOT prostitution? Of course, you have to check the statutory language, but it would be prostitution in most states.

  • Looks like I win.

    It brings a whole new meaning to “undercover.”