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  • […] PoL on the Senator’s rating of “zero” on legal reform as judged by NAM. See also Ted’s further post. Open Secrets covers the Senator’s campaign finance. And now, as Lotus @ Folo notes, the […]

  • The Judiciary Committee under Biden had a rule to exclude anonymous claims from consideration. The rule was enforced to nearly the end of the proceedings when there was a leak, and the feminists went into a frenzy about a cover up. When Hill came forward, Biden’s hand was forced.

    Anita Hill was trained in the law and went on to become a law professor, but she seemed to have trouble with the sixth amendment concept of facing one’s accuser. Unfortunately, as seen in the recent Duck case, many will find guilt upon suggestions that conform to their political views. The hearings showed beyond all doubt that Hill’s accusations were actually false. The most persuasive testimony was from a young man who said that Thomas chided him for talking dirty near the womwne in the office. To my recollection “Clarence told me to watch my language. If the women ever get riled up, nothing is going to get done.” But the facts were wasted on those who conclude before considering.

    Holding to account is an attractive philosophy. But it’s application is fact dependent and subject to abuse. That John Edwards provided relief from greedy corporations and careless doctors rang true to those who did not, and in most cases can not reason correctly. The same is true for the “no child left behind” act. And what about those WMD’s?

    Bottom line, I think Mr. Frank is too harsh on Senator Biden. He is not perfect, but he works hard and has a good heart. If I had my way, Senator Biden would be forced to read Mr. Lester Brickman’s excellent paper on the mass screening manipulations of the Plaintiff bar.

  • No completely on topic, but since 1900, an attorney has been on the Democratic ticket (Pres/VP) every time except once (1964), and of course both candidates have been attorneys several times.

    You’d think with our health care problems and alternate energy problems, maybe a physician or engineer could bring some value to the table for a change.

  • Again, I recommend reading the book. One can subtract Anita Hill from the occasion entirely and still find Biden’s conduct deplorable and dishonest.

  • I would say to McCain, though, that Biden really shouldn’t be the issue. I remember Dick Morris saying how he told Clinton to just let them go after his wife, because nothing they said about her reflected on him. i think only a little “splash effect” will occur if you toss grenades at biden. The most effective way to talk about biden is the ad they put out first: throwing biden’s words agaisnt obama back at him. That was a brilliant ad.