Andrew Baron complains (via Valleywag):

Having been completely and utterly stuck for almost two years by the courts without being able to accept any investment offers or other equitable partnerships to grow Rocketboom at all, we have since been frozen like ice… and without any additional resources to grow.

“Litigation hamstrings start-up business” is sort of a dog-bites-man story in the US, but what provides the frisson of irony here is that some of Baron’s Rocketboom legal troubles stem from being sued by his father over a $810k loan–and his father is one Fred Baron, well known to the Overlawyered crowd.  Young Andrew has a happy ending; after jettisoning his original star, Amanda Congdon, and defeating her in court, he’s parlayed the loan from his daddy into a seven-digit distribution deal with Sony.  Two Americas indeed.  (Separately, if Rocketboom gets that sort of deal with a million views a month, I’m sure Walter and I will be happy to sell distribution rights to Overlawyered’s quarter-million monthly views for a pro-rated number of what Sony paid Rocketboom…)

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