At least for now, Miller’s ‘Sparks Red’ won’t fly

In the same world where chocolate and peanut butter supercollided to give us the peanut butter cup, it is not surprising that it would eventually not be sufficient to desire either a prepackaged a) drink that contains alcohol or b) energy drink. We must have both, and at the same time. While we have been blessed with a range of such delectable, ready-made beverages, like most things good and tasty they have rubbed the Center for Science in the Public Interest–the nanny state group that has had both alcohol and caffeine in its litigators’ sights for years–in all the wrong ways.

As reported here earlier this year, CSPI whined for months about caffeinated alcohol beverages–which it labels “alcospeed”–before eventually pressuring Budweiser to drop its offering and then suing Miller to stop it from selling Sparks Red. CSPI, which got support from few if any drinkers but a host of apparently underworked attorneys generals who can’t wrap their pointy heads around the notion that caffeine/alcohol combos like the Irish coffee, rum and Coke, or Red Bull and vodka are hardly a new concept, is (with the AGs) blindly claiming the company’s ATF-approved Sparks drink is bad hooch. Just last week, under pressure from the AGs, Miller agreed to postpone the launch of its Sparks Red.

One Comment

  • I see that the pressuring of A-B was joined by 11 State AG’s. Maybe the thing to do is to send a letter to your state’s AG expressing your gratitude for his/her protection of yourself from yourself.

    I was thinking the AG for my state should, at the very least, receive a heart-felt and proper thank-you — perhaps an invitation to a midnight batting practice session? I’m sure however that a person with his ethics would decline such an overt political gift.

    I hope he’s gotten it all of his system now so that he can better concentrate on protecting me from more pressing things like say, criminal activity.