Do as we say dept.: Rep. Rangel on taxes

While the commentariat is gripped by discussion of whether Gov. Sarah Palin should have cut personal travel expenses only by 68 percent compared with her predecessor as Alaska’s chief executive, or by some higher amount, maybe it’s worth pausing a moment to note that the dean of New York’s Congressional delegation — and the most powerful figure in Congress in charge of tax legislation! — has just been caught not paying his taxes.

More: Turns out tax compliance is hard. Who knew?


  • I always enjoyed your blog. That is, before you became a partisan tool who seems happy to play the role of spinmeister general. We get it. For whatever reason, you like McCain. How about getting on with this blog, and leaving the grade-school quality political points-scoring to talk radio?

  • In the words of one of our time’s most dignified sages, Homer (Simpson), “Dooohhh!”

    I suspect, James, that Charlie’s story appears here because he has a bit of history making contributions, in one form or another, to the overlawyering of our civilization. I’m speculating, as I simply can’t read what is on Walter Olson’s mind, of course. But I for one, appreciate anyone’s efforts to chime in – yours, too.

  • I’m still trying to figure out “James'” basis for the assertion that I like McCain. I don’t think he got it from searching the senator’s name on this website. I thought of asking him, but he left a bogus email.

  • I am always amused by readers who have the audacity to demand that bloggers not address certain topics. Do you also go into libraries James and demand that books you dislike be removed? I bet you would not have complained if they were attacking politicians you dislike. Since you felt compelled to give Overlawyered gratuitous advice James, let me return the favor. If you do not like the commentary on this website stop reading it. While I am at it, let me give you another bit of advice. If you really expect Overlawyered to take your advice to heart don’t call them a “partisan tool who seems happy to play the role of spinmeister general.” I don’t believe that type of language is conducive to getting them to agree with you.

  • Ah, but he’s a Democrat, and such is expected, and he’s still entitled to power, as he’s really a good guy (you can tell by his party affiliation).

    But Republicans are evil incarnate, don’t you know, and anything we are told about them that is bad is simple unnecessary confirmation of that fact.


    Personally, I think both parties are pretty rotten, but I’ll start balancing my rants to include Republicans when the MSM starts balancing their crap to include Democrats (see “Guess that party”, available at many sites on the internet, for only the most obvious evidence of this).

  • The Rangel matter is appropriate for this site although I do not share Mr. Olson’s take that it is hypocrisy. I see it as an example of working up outrage about very minor matters. It is more like the Congressional bank pseudo scandal or the going after Jim Wright for making a few dollars on his book.

    This site makes clear that companies can be penalized by just defending themselves against ridiculous claims. One car maker was successfully sued for having windows that failed to hold in a driver and for having windows too strong to let a driver escape. It is easy to rile up New York State residents; just write about the misuse of state cars, no matter how minor. One state legislator was taken to task for expensing his travel to Albany when he car pooled.