Lompoc charge could mean hard time for Lerach

Old Master-of-the-Universe habits die hard? According to Law.com’s The Recorder, felonious class-actioneer Bill Lerach “was placed in administrative segregation — locked down for 23 hours a day — after he allegedly offered a corrections officer the use of his San Diego Chargers season tickets, say three people familiar with the situation. Should a formal administrative proceeding go against him, Lerach would likely be forbidden from returning to the [minimum-security Lompoc] camp, and would instead be placed in a higher-security facility. …Offering a staff member anything of value is considered a ‘high category’ offense for an inmate, according to [Bureau of Prisons] guidelines.” (Dan Levine, “Going Gets Rough for Lerach”, The Recorder, Sept. 9).

More: Karen Donovan at Portfolio recalls a Lerach comment about sports sections as currency in prison, perhaps more meaningful in retrospect.


  • When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

  • His defense is, I believe, all the other prisoners were offering the guards *their* Chargers season tickets, so where is the harm. Like making kickbacks to plaintiff representatives, is bribery not a victimless crime?

  • I suspect that the corruption is so ingrained in him that he had no idea he might be doing something wrong.

  • […] Dan Levine at CalLaw’s Legal Pad says it’s “safe to assume” the step was taken because of Lerach’s offer to a guard of the use of his season Chargers tickets. (Sept. 16; earlier) […]