“Metrolink Train Accident Attorney Lawyer Los Angeles”

It doesn’t actually hang together as a phrase, but it does contain plenty of promising keywords for lawyers trolling for business from the fatal commuter wreck north of Los Angeles, so it rates highly on Google. (Kevin O’Keefe, Sept. 19).


  • Two key phrases which will certainly be woven in to said cases:
    INATB (It’s not about the money)
    TSHDM (They Should have done more)

    A google search of “LA train wreck” produces some nice sponsored links, BTW.

  • The bulk of those lawyers advertising for train wreck victims do not plan on representing those victims at all. They are just planning on reselling them to other lawyers for the referral fee. The going rate for a Referral fee for personal injury cases is about 30% of the contingency fee. So it actually is much more lucrative for a lawyer to be in the business of reselling victims to other lawyers than to spend time and effort actually working on cases himself.

  • Scary being a former plaintiffs’ trial lawyer that I find 3 of posts referenced by you in the last week Walter.

    Got to tell you that when I discovered blogs, and yours in particular 5 years ago, I thought I’d be battling you on more than one occasion. The idea of highlighting the most egregious situations to champion the cause of too many lawsuits and too many lawyers chasing law suits scared the heck out of me.

    With the public not seeing the cases where the little guy got screwed and only the ones where the little guy or his lawyer over reached, I was scared of the tort reform implications.

    But having been out of practice 10 years and not feeling the pressure to land the next case, I see where lawyers acting badly hurts us all – the little guy who may have been injured, the image of our legal profession, and our society.

  • that is just too much generalization. while it may be true for some, not all is.

    lawyers are human beings – remain to have faith. one point or another in your life, you will need a lawyer. see if you get ‘screwed’. will prove you otherwise.

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