Plaintiffs scrambling to sue egg producers over alleged price fixing

Two separate lawsuits were filed in federal courts in Minneapolis and Pennsylvania in recent days against egg producers. The Pennsylvania suit, a class action, and the Minneapolis suit, which the plaintiffs are seeking to certify as a class action, both allege various egg makers have engaged in price fixing.

But with the price of chicken feed skyrocketing due to the cost of fuel and the diversion of corn from feed to ethanol, and previous lawsuits by animal rights groups resulting in fewer laying hens occupying more space per hen, it’s no surprise that a carton of eggs–like nearly every other food–costs consumers more money these days.


  • “Plaintiffs scrambling to sue egg producers…”

    Pun intended?

  • “Pun Intended?”

    One I would get over easily.

    Or as Vincent Price, as Batman’s nemesis the Egghead would have said:

    Just another eggs-cruciatingly bad yolk.

    Sorry, can’t control myself sometimes.