September 15 roundup

  • Saying fashion model broke his very fancy umbrella, N.Y. restaurant owner Nello Balan sues her for $1 million, but instead gets fined $500 for wasting court’s time [AP/, NY Times]
  • Spokesman for Chesapeake, Va. schools says its OK for high school marching band to perform at Disney World, so long as they don’t ride any rides [Virginian-Pilot]
  • More on Chicago parking tickets: revenue-hungry Mayor Daley rebuffed in plan to boot cars after only two tickets [Sun-Times, Tribune]
  • Too old, in their 50s, to be raising kids? [Houston Chronicle via ABA Journal].
  • Britain’s stringent libel laws and welcome mat for “libel tourism” draw criticism from the U.N. (of all places) [Guardian]
  • Beaumont, Tex.: “Parents sue other driver, bar for daughter’s DUI death” [SE Texas Record, more, more]
  • “Three pony rule”: $600,000 a year is needlessly high for child support, even if mom has costly tastes [N.J.L.J., Unfiltered Minds]
  • Advocacy groups push to require health insurers and taxpayers to pay for kids’ weight-loss camps [NY Times]
  • Lester Brickman: those fraud-rife mass screening operations may account for 90 percent of mass tort claims [PoL]


  • Texas DUI case: I’ll keep it tasteful. If the story presented accurately depicts the events as they unfolded, we have then yet another example of why this site exists – such with the architect who thought it wise to climb atop an Amtrak thereby igniting himself. I certainly wish someone would kindly remind these plaintiffs of the importance of letting the public know that it’s not about the money in any and all cases! In this case, it’s about sending a message that if you drink and drive (even on the wrong side of the road), and sadly expire as a result, that someone else can be held accountable

  • I am struck by the damaging information people will include in demands for child support. A toddler who won’t go out without a new purse didn’t think this up herself: she is surely emulating her mother’s behavior. In my estimation, a mother who sets such an example for her daughter is just asking to be declared unfit.

  • Reguarding the DUI case, very similar to case of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock last year.,4675,BBNHancockLawsuit,00.html

    I certainly feel the young girl’s family but what about the tow truck driver. Wasn’t he hurt? Who will compensate him? Sounds like the man was doing his job.