September 17 roundup


  • ‘O’Neal told KSAT 12 News the legal claim was not a violent threat, but a “spirited discussion in the courts.” She said she brought the lawsuit after Falcon allegedly made disparaging comments about her in class and said her reputation and goal of becoming a United States Supreme Court justice is now in jeopardy.’

    For myself, I suspect that making death threats in a legal document will not enhance her chances of progressing towards her career goals.

  • […] Times veterans should not be suing Zell. They should be suing themselves.” [Jeff Jarvis, earlier] […]

  • […] A court has declined to dismiss the trademark action by the giant law firm upset at a local real estate publication that had gossiped about condominium purchases by two of the law firm’s associates. (Levy/CL&P, Bayard/Citizen Media Law, Ron Coleman, Eric Goldman). Earlier coverage here and here. […]