Microblog for 2008-09-21


  • Jones Day Case: Let me make sure I get this straight. Person(s) engages in real estate transaction, the recording of which, is made public when the ownership (and possibly borrowing) instruments are recorded presumably at the county building. The blogger basically takes these record of R.E. transactions, cross references the names of the interested parties to see what comes up. In this case, we happen to have attorneys from one of if not the biggest law firms in the world, who (the attorneys) are now parties to said transactions. The blogger connects the dots, probably verifies that these attorneys are in fact the same people who were party to the R.E. transactions. The blogger 1) illuminates the already public transactions and the published names of the interested parties and 2) makes note of their employer. He inserts a hyperlink in his bit and what else? Presumably Jones Day has thousands of suits like this going on all over the world. I ran a search of sites which link back to Jones Day’s URL and also mention them by name. Guess what I uncovered? Yes, multiple sites which did exactly what this guy is alleged to have done. Something seems fishy there on the E. 9th Street Peer in Cleveland.

  • I like Lang’s stuff, see http://www.langorigami.com/ .