Aerial snooping for property taxes

“A new high-tech aerial photography system that can spot an illegal porch from 5,000 feet is being marketed to tax assessors as a way to grow revenue.” Backers say the system can help assessors spot not only unauthorized building additions but also cases in which taxpayers claim farmstead exemptions but aren’t farming enough of their land to qualify. (Richard Degener, “Taxes could get sky-high with aerial technology”, Press of Atlantic City, Sept. 29).


  • And the next wave of technology will enable assessors to determine if artwork hanging within people’s homes has increased in value thereby accruing a capital gain.

  • “new high-tech aerial photography system”? What about google earth?

  • Google Earth coverage is hit or miss. Outside of urban areas, it can be mediocre at best.

  • Hard to see anything wrong with this, as it’s what’s visible from off of the property and thus shouldn’t be considered a “search”.

    It may point out how ridiculous some laws are, when a large portion of the populace ignores them.