Anonymous school-bullying snitchline

The innovation might itself prove to be quite an effective weapon for use in tormenting hapless victims (Feral Child, Oct. 14; Ki Mae Heussner, “Calling Out Bullies Incognito: New Site Lets Students Report Bullying, Harassment Anonymously”, ABC News, Oct. 16; more on snitchlines here, here, and here).


  • I gather from your choice of words that you are in favor of unrestrained bullying.

    I t does seem to rule our world lately, schools, “news”, politics, television, driving, …..

  • And of course I should have mentioned the courts first.

  • I don’t have much of an opinion on this myself, but in general, some people take exception to all the focus on childhood bullying, or any bullying for that matter. The way it sounds, is that people look at it as if it’s some epidemic or scourge that’s hurting “the children” and god forbid we don’t do something for the children.

    In general, does bullying at a young age really effect a persons adult life? Or trying to prevent it, protecting kids too much, much like everything else in the world. Making it possible nurturing children too much, in peoples minds.

    Well maybe from the sounds of what I posted, I do present myself as if having an opinion, but in general, I don’t have kids, and I really don’t care.

  • I’m more concerned by the fact that the people who thought this up did not see the obvious way it could be misused by bullies.

    More people need Schneier’s “security mindset.”