“Being male” as potential disability?

Sounds like the stuff of parody, but at least one lawyer at a highly regarded firm (Louis Solomon, co-head of the global litigation department at Proskauer Rose) seems to be taking the idea seriously as one possible application of Congress’s recent expansion of the ADA. (Tresa Baldas, “A New Potential Disability: Being Male?”, National Law Journal, Oct. 7).


  • some may thought it as too radical but experience wise, people do, err male, experience it. hence, the need for the expanded application.

  • This guy and the “ladies’ night” plaintiffs should get together…I bet they’re a fun crowd.

  • im going to sue him for discrimination! (ducks and runs)

  • At least that would be intellectually honest for many on the left. It’s how men have been treated by them for several years now.

    I disagree, of course, but that’s not the point.

    Actually, I propose that we put “males” and “females” in there, and then we have everybody covered by the stilly thing and can stop arguing about it. I’m only half kidding there – that’s what we’re headed for, anyway.

  • “….and in this corner we have the reigning champion, Title IX. In the opposing corner, ADA, the new hero for men everywhere.”

    ooooh, this is gonna be a good fight, turn up the volume!

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