Bullied by Dozier, ISPs took down customer’s sites

Waving threats of “contributory trademark infringement” and the like, Virginia lawyer and emerging Overlawyered favorite John Dozier has gotten more than one hosting intermediary to yank the Dozier-critical websites of opponent Ronald Riley. (Paul Alan Levy, Consumer Law & Policy, Oct. 3). “Unfortunately, when faced with a legal threat, many hosting sites will sacrifice your freedom of speech and send you looking for a new home on the Internet.” (David Ardia, Citizen Media Law Project, Oct. 9)(earlier). More: Ryan Gile, Las Vegas Trademark Attorney (via Ron Coleman).


  • Walter. Would you kindly keep us apprised of when you receive your take-down letter from John “The Bull” Dozier?

  • If he starts taking on lawyers, I bet a complaint to the Bar Association will soon follow.

  • If you read the cease and desist letters from some of the law firms that are sent to The Smoking Gun and other sites, they always have language in them saying that the letter itself is copyrighted and can not be reproduced. All that accomplishes is encouraging the “target” to reproduce the letter, making the law firm (and their client) look foolish.