Legal protection for dignity of plants

That whole “sober, sensible Switzerland” concept may need to be rethought. (Gautam Naik, “Switzerland’s Green Power Revolution: Ethicists Ponder Plants’ Rights”, Wall Street Journal, Oct. 10).


  • Throughout Great Britain politicians and bureaucrats are chagrined that such an insignificant country as Switzerland beat them to the punch on such an important point of political correctness. The Queen should route the whole lot of them into a field of crop circles for the night and see what the aliens have to say about “plant rights and dignity.”

  • If these folks were really committed to their cause would rapidly end; after eliminating the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom there really isn’t much left to eat.
    But then they want what’s best for us, and not themselves personally.

  • Is there any way to handle this just by laughing at them really hard?

  • How about they demonstrate surviving for 30 days without any plant based/derived foods, so the rest of us can follow their example?

  • Oops… Wrong reference. Thought this was the “don’t eat plants because they have rights” article I saw the other day. (I love wacko journalism)

  • That’s a sign of prosperity when a nation can devote its resources to nonsense. I’m sure that the Swiss have no social problems or legitimate ethical dilemmas that would warrant allocating the ethicists to another area. But wait, would you want these guys to be involved with any matter of even the slightest importance?

    This reminds me of some of the nonsense that we have here, such as requiring a wetlands impact statement (at a cost of thousands of dollars) to erect a fence in one’s backyard to separate the property from a brook, so that kids playing in the yard are safer.