Microblog 2008-10-01

  • Tyler Cowen’s views on the credit crisis [Marginal Revolution] #
  • Lehman’s role in clearing London trades meant its collapse maimed many customers [NYT DealBook] #
  • “Laying on of hands”: Man who used church as front for brothel fights order barring him from massage business [Balko, Hit and Run] #
  • “Orphan copyright” proposal dies for this term in Congress [Krafets, Wired “Threat Level”; earlier] #
  • Inland Empire woe: spray-painting lawns green to simulate happier times in Calif’s “Foreclosure Alley” [Calculated Risk] #
  • Just a reminder: both my blogs now have their own Twitter feeds at @overlawyered and @pointoflaw. #
  • “Milk powder” “Falun Gong” “earthquake” — just seeing if that elaborate Chinese web-bug system catches me [NYTimes] #

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