Microblog 2008-10-20

  • Parents press states for autism insurance laws [AP] #
  • Steve Chapman on right and wrong ways to legalize gay marriage [Reason] #
  • Unsolicited “StoneZone” mailings say they’re from veteran GOP operative Roger Stone — and when you try to unsubscribe? [Greenfield] #
  • “Lawyer Called ‘Poster Boy for Capital Litigation Abuse’ Appointed to New Case” [ABA Journal] #
  • Before fingering credit default swaps (CDSs) as culprit in the crisis, better read this [Salmon; more, John Carney] #
  • Twitter cookbook all recipes 140 chars. or less h/t VBalasubramani #
  • Reminder: you can follow Twitter feeds of both Overlawyered and Point of Law #

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