Microblog 2008-10-28

  • ’98 master tobacco settlement: not just bootleggers and Baptists, but also “televangelists.” [Morriss, Regulation, h/t Ted] #
  • Slants and biases in Associated Press reporting aren’t new, but they’ve become impossible to ignore [WaPo] #
  • Unplanned result of bailout: lenders back off from deals to sell distressed real estate at cut price [Coyote] #
  • GM needs to tear up contracts with its unions, retirees, and dealers, which means it needs bankruptcy [Bainbridge] #
  • No kidding: gorgeous photography of slime molds [English Russia] #
  • Blog primer on credit default swaps and other financial derivatives [Derivative Dribble] #
  • Wouldn’t it be more helpful to save the epithet “socialist” for times when it’s really, you know, accurate? [Ron Coleman] #
  • State of New York staring into fiscal chasm, years of $10 billion+ deficits [NYPost] #

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