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  • How about it’s never “JUST about the money.” It’s not “just about the money” when you do ANYTHING unless you are starving, have no shelter,can’t clothe yourself, afford medical care or provide a minimum degree of sustenance for your children. LAWYERS monetize injustice. PEOPLE and BUSINESSES bring us their injustice problems; we fit them into causes of action; compare the present injustice with earlier reported injustices,do the simple math most of us are capable of doing (chances of prevailing x probable jury or settlement value) and tell the people with the justice problems what their remedy is WORTH. As a mediator, I deconstruct this process on a weekly basis. People sue because they’ve been disrespected, because they can’t get their opponent to talk to them, because they believe they were lied to or ignored or someone stole something that was rightfully theirs. We are not driven by money. We are driven by much more elemental passions. Esteem, love, anger, shame. Money is the greatest delusion of our time,viz. the present melt down.