Roy Pearson presses pants suit

After losing below, he’s now hauled the dry cleaning Chung family before an appeals court in his seemingly never-ending litigation over the pair of lost pants he said should be worth $54 million (WSJ law blog, Oct. 22).


  • seriously you would need to have the map to lost cities of gold in those pants to be anywhere near that price tag

  • Lawyers everywhere must be so proud.

    Heard about a company that makes as much money suing people as it does selling product.

    That is just wrong.

  • Aren’t there any criminal laws to cover vendettas by lawyers to frivolously destroy a defendant?

    This guy should be in jail.

  • It is inexcusable that this nonsense has been allowed to continue and to dispute the frivolity of the actions is incredible.

    The US govt. should consider how meritless suits like these discourage the growth and development of small businesses.

    The system is broken and is being exploited by one who cannot be said to be flying by the seat of his pants. Unfortunately no one has been bold enough to stop this unmitigated abuse of process.

  • Oops I used frivolity and meritless. I wonder if those who stick to narrow definitions will take issue. Does the unending nature of this nonense allow it to rise to the lofty heights of frivolity

  • It’s so comforting to know this fool was a judge.

  • Now that Mr. Pearson has proven to the world that
    he is a total fool. He now is fully qualified to
    run for D.C. Mayor.