Why stores have surveillance cameras, Vol. 2

Hello, and thanks again to Walter Olson for welcoming me back to help fill in this week. His prior post reminded me of this surveillance tape I’ve kept after all these years simply for comic relief.

The tape shows one customer casually stroll through the door without incident all the while another intending customer in quite the hurry tries to run in–he thought–through an open door. Instead, it was the plate glass adjacent to the door. He smacks into it bowing the glass and then storms into the store while the other customers gawk at him. The original clip was without sound but I couldn’t resist jazzing it up with Gonna Fly Now from Rocky.

Here’s the Overlawyered part: he made a claim against the store owner; and, the claim was paid as a compromise. Part of the reason why is visible on the video—can you see it?


  • Probably because there wasn’t any stickers or paper hanging on the immobile glass. Usually stores have some sort of visual cue on the immobile glass so as to STOP THE IDIOTS from running into said immobile glass.
    Dumb ass, why oh why do we have to pay higher prices for things, just because some stooopid dipwad gets lucky with a law suit!!?!?!?


  • Nosebleed?

  • I always thought those stickers were counterproductive. If it’s an “automatic caution door”, I shouldn’t have to be careful.

  • Yeah, the store owner forgot to put those silhouettes of falcons and eagles on the glass panel the birdbrain ran into.

    I, on the other hand, always get zapped by the old only-one-of-a-pair-of-door-unlocked gimmick and usually end up with a sprained wrist. I guess it’s my own fault for being left-handed.

  • I witnessed such an event while I was stationed in Okinawa. This woman was in a rush and walked right into the glass, she stumbled backward with a confused look and……immediatly did it again.

  • I don’t buy claims like this. I can understand walking into a glass panel thinking it was a door that pushes OUT, but it is nearly universal in commercial building codes in the US now that you must pull a handle towards yourself on manual doors to enter a building. Even had he aligned himself with an actual door, his action of running towards the door and bouncing/pushing into it STILL would have been the incorrect action!