Batman — a city in Turkey — to sue Dark Knight director

Turns out there’s a city in southeastern Turkey by the name of Batman. And its mayor wants royalties. “‘The royalty of the name “Batman” belongs to us … Road sign on leaving city of Batman, Turkey There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us,’ [Mayor Hüseyin] Kalkan told to the Dogan news agency”. Per a local newspaper, one problem for expatriate Batmanites who operate shops and restaurants in countries like Germany is that using their hometown in business names might invite unfavorable attention from Hollywood IP lawyers. (Safak Timur, Hurriyet, Nov. 7; io9; Defamer). Image: Bryce Edwards, Flickr via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. More: WOW Report, Brian Doherty (“disturbingly Borat-esque”).


  • I’ve been to Batman. It has nothing to do with the Batman comics, of course. In fact, the city has not superabundance of either bats or Black Knights. (Black nights are something else, as it’s the location of Turkey’s oldest oil production facilities.)

    As there’s little chance of confusion or dilution of whatever trademark might be claimed, as the word ‘Batman’ is pronounced differently in English and Turkish, the case will be summarily dismissed. Not to mention that the suit is aimed at the wrong alleged malfeasor: Bob Kane is credited with originating the character in 1939.

    Besides, according to Wikipedia, the whole idea was inspired by ‘foreign (to Turkey) journalists’. Pima facie evidence that this is, literally, a no-brainer.

  • Will the city of Chicago sue the producers of the movie/play by that name?

    What about Paris, Texas?

    (Although I remember that the band called Chicago was forced to change their name from “Chicago Transit Authority”.)

  • The heck with Chicago, Paris TX, and those other places.

    What happens if the folks of Intercourse, PA start to sue?

    (Sorry – someone had to say it.)

  • You have to go through Intercourse to get to Paradise. Pennsylvania that is

  • Yes, on the PA road directions. Just don’t miss the turn or you’ll end up in Blue Ball.

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  • The city of batman is a tad late… like over 30 years late.

  • i actually am from the city batman but i live in united kingdom and the only word i can say to describe the case would only be so stupid. don’t this guy have anything to do apart from being this stupid? for god sake he should be gone soon.