“Man sues for libel after being called a D-bag”

Clark County, Nevada: “A man claims Simon & Schuster defamed him in the book “Hot Chicks with Douchebags.” The man says his photo was taken without proper consent, and that he is not, in fact, a you-know-what. (Courthouse News, Nov. 18 via Justin Levine, Patterico; The Smoking Gun). Earlier here (different suit) and, relatedly, here. More: On Point News (protected “opinion”?)


  • Assuming liability, do the various blogs increase plaintiff’s damages?

  • I’m surprised that a lawyer would even file this: surely whether someone is a douchebag is a matter of opinion and therefore not actionable.

  • Interesting combination of the Streisand Effect with the use of a “I am not a crook” FAIL Proclamation, doubly proving that maybe he really is a douchebag.

    Only hope of winning would be use of his image without consent except he was in a public place. Maybe this is just a ruse by the author to try a get someone, anyone, to buy his pathetic book.

  • I would be interested to hear the findings of fact in this case.

  • Res Ipsa Loquitur

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  • I’d go for truth as a defense and cite the lawsuit as evidence of truthfulness.

  • If he’s whining and suing because someone interprets his appearance or manners as a douchebag guess what… he IS a douchbag.

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