Microblog 2008-11-14

  • Lawyers and other professionals who blog should read new Kevin LaCroix post “On Blogging” [D&O Diary h/t @SecuritiesD] #
  • Daily H.L. Mencken quotes [courtesy @ahndymac] #
  • Funny, earthy blog by urban emergency room nurse [Crass-Pollination] # @danimari Odd how ERs generate so many of the best medblogs e.g. WhiteCoatRants, ER Stories, Movin’ Meat, SymTym, GruntDoc etc. #
  • Calm down, conservatives, Dems aren’t planning to revive Fairness Doctrine [James Rainey, L.A. Times] # Or are we sure about that? [Ed Morrissey, Patterico]
  • Advice on jury selection: “don’t continue to poke a bee hive with a stick” [Texas Country Trial Lawyer, h/t @HouCrimLaw] #
  • Video humor for font geeks [College Humor, h/t @sekimori] #
  • Do you blog, tweet, send saucy emails or IMs? You may not be well suited for a job in the new admin [Caron, TaxProf] #
  • @rebeccawatson of possible interest regarding litigious diploma mills [this site, Oct. 27, 2003] #
  • Beautiful photos of New York in the 1930s [Flickr h/t @CoolPics] #

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  • Awww, thanks for calling me “Earthy”. Not sure what that means, but it’s good that you don’t think I’m an alien.