“Obama Presidency is Good News for the Legal Profession”

The “light at the end of the tunnel for law firms”! Tons more regulation, no more attempts to limit lawsuits, a “boom” in financial disputes, new union contracts to negotiate all over the place! Let’s hope Larry Bodine is proved wrong (Legal Marketing Blog, Nov. 5)

One Comment

  • President Elect Obama is said to be intellectually curious and has asked his advisers to give advice based on what is best for the country. For example, privatizing Social Security is dumb as a matter of arithmetic. Lots of issues are like that, there are rational answers. Gut feelings are all equal. I believe that President Obama will check the insanities in the Democratic party.

    I want our President to be admired in the world, as was President Clinton, and it looks like President Obama will be. But I will be deeply disappointed if Robert Kennedy Jr., the guy who put our children at risk, is put in the government.

    Let’s hope together Mr. Olsen, that President Obama will be as good, i.e rational, as he can be.