Obama transition on health care costs

Coyote also points to this page, which magically promises simultaneously to reduce health premiums while requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions and doing lots of other generous stuff. Total discussion of medical liability issues consists of the following bullet point:

Prevent insurers from overcharging doctors for their malpractice insurance and invest in proven strategies to reduce preventable medical errors.

Yes, because suppressing current malpractice insurance rates by adopting artificially rosy premises as to future payouts worked out so well when tried in New York. Update Monday: transition yanks entire “Agenda”, this section and others.


  • This is what medicaid is doing now. Cut the reimbursements to doctors, which led to lower salaries and less doctors. Meanwhile, other costs go up, like salaries for support staff and building costs. Is it any wonder we have a problem?

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  • i don’t know much about all this medical insurance and these issues but i know that a lot of things Obama said and the liberal illuminati pitch were reason why i leaned toward Obama in the election. I know to many people who struggle, not cause they don’t work but becaue they can’t pay their med bills. The medical industry just wants to keep getting richer. they are not really in it to help anyone, something needs to change!

  • With one miracle having occurred on Nov. 4, why can we not anticipate further miracles?

    I think the miracle of “Loaves and Fishes” would be neatly repeated when it comes to health care. A finite resource faced with infinite demand.

    Why bother with logic or reason when miracles will serve more kindly?

  • I’m always deeply suspicious when someone makes any kind of claim regarding a vendor/provider/street peddler “charging too much” or a customer/client having “paid to much.” I’ve never been one to believe that such a thing is possible. Unless, of course, there is someone else who holds a monopoly on the sale of a good or service and can thus legislate FMV.

  • Seems another program By “TheOne”(tm) has fallen down the memory hole. The link on ‘this page’ is no longer valid.

  • The link is no longer valid. Do you think the liberal illuminati are trying to hide something? I know it will be extremely hard for Obama to follow through and actually accomplish what he has said but since this was such a huge part or his campaign it would horrible if he didn’t at least pursue this with some real effort We’ll see.