I’ve been taking a hand in a new blog project called Secular Right, which describes itself as follows:

We believe that conservative principles and policies need not be grounded in a specific set of supernatural claims. Rather, conservatism serves the ends of “Human Flourishing,” what the Greeks termed Eudaimonia. Secular conservatism takes the empirical world for what it is, and accepts that the making of it the best that it can be is only possible through our faculties of reason.

Recent writings by Heather Mac Donald and David Frum come in for attention. Amusingly, I’m the only one so far posting under his or her real name, although the identities of some of the others are not all that hard to guess under pseudonyms such as “Bradlaugh” and “David Hume”. It should also be apparent that there is a wide range of views represented, including some that are at quite a distance from my own, but that should help keep things interesting. The site has already drawn notice from Ann Althouse (and more), “Tapped”, Eve Tushnet, John Derbyshire/NRO “Corner”, and Gene Expression, among others.


  • Well, given that Derb is “Bradlaugh,” I would expect him to notice…

  • […] of you who follow issues of law and litigation; my main blog is Overlawyered, where I just did a post inviting readers to check out Secular Right. My leanings are more to the libertarian side (though […]

  • […] Speaking of specialist sites, Overlawyered probably needs no introduction, but in case it does, there is not a better site on the web for documenting the abuses and excesses of the American legal system (and sometimes un-American legal systems as well).  This isn’t “first thing we do let’s kill all the lawyers” stuff.  The authors are lawyers themselves, and appreciate the good the profession can do.  But the best criticisms of the legal system, and the best lawyer jokes, come from lawyers.  Recently Walter Olson, the chief author at Overlawyered, has expanded his site by including a twitter feed on non-legal matters from which I occasionally steal material.  Mr. Olson has also been a generous supporter of this site, sending links my way for which I thank him.  But rather than highlight a post at a site with so large and heavy a google footprint, I’ll link to a new blog to which Olson’s contributing, Secular Right, which is attempting to build a voice for people on the right who wish to justify their political and cultural positions without reference to God or gods.  As an agnostic libertarian, I want to see more of this. […]