“South again leads nation in nasty, expensive judicial races”

Alabama, Mississippi and Texas all host hotly fought races with a strong plaintiff-vs.-defendant dimension tomorrow: Democrat Deborah Bell Paseur vs. Republican Greg Shaw in Alabama, three challengers vs. three incumbents on the Mississippi Supreme Court, and Democratic challengers Jim Jordan, Linda Yanez and Sam Houston in races for the Texas Supreme Court. (Tom Baxter, Southern Political Report, Nov. 3).


  • Entirely normal.

    It is probably easier to campaign for judge in the South. As I recall some states make it almost impossible to defeat an incumbent judge.

    And in many other states the nominee of the dominant political party will win so only the primary matters.

  • It’s amazing that we select our Judges — the men whose task it is to be the ultimate gatekeepers of justice and who should be the most dignified and highly-qualified members of Mississippi’s legal profession — with a good ole fashioned mud-slingin contest.