• I am not sure about a “brand”. Since when has MLK been a brand? That just proved the degeneration of our consumerist culture. With that put beside i think it’s a bit ridiculous to be Obama so closely linked to MLK. Obama has done some great things, i guess. Really all he has done is get elected. i guess before i call him great like the liberal illuminati are calling him i was to see some action. I want to see what he does with the position he fought so hard for.

    And by the way, i lived in Montgomery AL for awhile and not everybody things as highly about Martin Luther Kind Jr as the people who are making the t-shirts. It seems like he was a perfect man. We might do well to remember that some great people have done some pretty bad things.

  • Mr. Collins,

    We can understand your misunderstanding. Fortunately the Courts understand the law and ethics.

    General Yeager is a person and not public domain and not to be used commercially without prior consent. While he was breaking the sound barrier, he was paid $240/month and had to personally pay for all sorts of services such as the birth of his daughter off base ($400) because he was considered TDY (temporary duty).

    While he was paid by the military while he broke the sound barrier, he was NOT paid for the use of his right to privacy or for his name and/or image particularly for others to commercialize.

    He owns the rights to his name. image, etc.

    General Yeager wrote to AT&T and politely but unequivocably asked AT&T to remove his name and to make a donation to MArshall University Yeager Scholars for such prior use. They got nasty.

    So General Yeager tried to not go to Court and handle it amicably. AT&T thumbed their noses and have yet to remove his name.