A New Category for Mark T. Sandoval?

An update to last week’s post on the case of the Texas judge’s drunk driving daughter: Mark Bennett of Defending People, who has already dug deeply into this matter, has evidently replaced his shovel with an oil drill.  He’s struck a gusher of facts about Mark T. Sandoval, the lawyer who brought this frivolous case.

Among other things, Defending People has found multiple sanctions for serious ethical violations, multiple suspensions, a jailing for lying to a judge, garnishment of fees for unpaid federal tax liens, and other lapses for which Sandoval has not (yet?) been sanctioned.

Perhaps the most bothersome aspect of this case is that Sandoval appears to earn a substantial portion of his fees from representing indigent children as a court-appointed attorney.  Is this what Texas taxpayers want for their most troubled children?

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  • I guess the answer is “yes”.