ABA Journal “Blawg 100” — go vote for us

I’m very pleased to announce that this year, as last, the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal has named Overlawyered as one of its “100 best Web sites by lawyers, for lawyers”, and I’m not going to quibble about that wording, even though I’m not a lawyer nor (I believe) are the majority of the site’s readers.

So much for the introductory pleasantries. Now for the main task at hand, which is to win.

Readers may remember that last year Overlawyered lost its run for first place in its category by only a handful of votes, perhaps because we were relatively shy and diffident about urging people to go vote for us. This year the ABA Journal has placed us among ten blogs in the “niche” category, where we face competition from some very high-quality blogs, but, with all due respect, not from any whose readership levels and outside recognition we think exceed ours.

If you go there to vote, you will notice that the popular patent-law blog Patently-O has evidently been whipping its supporters to go cast their votes immediately, and is, for the moment, far in the lead. The ABA Journal says that last time it checked, “Patently-O’s Facebook group had more than 800 members,” which is very nearly the number of votes that blog has received so far. The other possible reason for Patently-O’s huge overnight vote surge, of course, is that they’ve invented some sort of bot to stuff the ballot box by impersonating real voters. But that couldn’t be the right explanation. These are patent lawyers we’re talking about. No way could they invent something.

Anyway, go there and vote for Overlawyered and your favorites in the other categories.


  • Anyway, go there and vote for Overlawyered and your favorites in the other categories.

    Yeah, especially Turkewitz. He’s promising world peace and a new toaster to everyone that votes for him.

    He’s in the “regional” category. And he needs help. And he tries not to write (too often) in the third person. So cut him a break and hit the link below.

    Because what other PI guy would have the stones to come on this site and ask for your vote? The guy’s got guts! And you don’t want the terrorists to win, do you?


  • Eric, I most certainly don’t always agree but can almost always see your point of view and the underlying logic.

    So, I’ve voted for you. Good luck.

  • Cast my vote as you requested. You are correct- I am one of hopefully many readers who is not a lawyer, yet enjoy Overlawyered.com on a daily basis.

  • It would be inappropriate for me to delve into the idle speculation on how a certain blog got 900 votes from the “get-go”, but this poses a challenge for faithful readers of Overlawyered to “right the ship” as it were, I have come across such an opportunity. First, I have searched the ABA niche web page and can find no mention of a restriction on how many votes one person can make for a particular site within a 24 hour period, so I believe that the following is neither illegal or immoral. So if you wish to participate in leveling the playing field you could do the following:

    If you have Accept Cookies turned OFF in your browser (note this was tested on a mac, with Firefox and Safari) and you have no cookies for the aba, you can vote repeatedly for your favorite site. If you leave your browser open to the niche page and vote, let it refresh, go back, scroll down and you can vote again and again.

    They, the aba webmeisters, may discover this and shut it down, so in the immortal words of every Louisiana politician, “Vote early and vote often.”

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