Bad anonymous reviews for donut shop

Zebulon Brodie, the owner of a Dunkin’ Donuts on the Eastern Shore, “argued to Maryland’s highest court yesterday that the host of an online forum should be forced to reveal the identities of people who posted allegedly defamatory comments” about his eatery. The comments were posted at (Henri E. Cauvin, “Md. Court Weighs Internet Anonymity”, Washington Post, Dec. 9; Citizen Media Law, Dec. 11).


  • Try this Mr. Brodie. Your customer service stinks. It is bad enough that you serve them bad donuts, but to then attempt to harass them for this finding is clearly poor customer service.

  • donut you know that filing suit just draws more attention to the alleged defamatory comments?

  • […] Bloggers can breathe a bit easier in Maryland [Citizen Media Law, Media Law]. We covered the case, which arose from anonymous online criticism of a Dunkin Donuts establishment on the Eastern Shore, back in December. […]