“Can I take the shot? CAN I TAKE THE SHOT?”

Before your weekend begins, though this may be old news to some, I wanted to share this shocking story of waste, fraud, and abuse committed by staff at the United States Attorney’s office for the Central District of California, all on the taxpayer’s dime: Remembering The Greatest Prosecutor Practical Joke Ever.

Fortunately no one’s life, liberty, or property was lost in the perpetration of this act.


  • That rowdy bunch should be on double-secret probation…possibly kicked off campus.

  • You have no sense of humor.

    Waste? Fraud? Abuse? What was wasted? Who was defrauded? Who was abused?

    Overlawyered is a great website, and I love its content. However, when the truly innocuous is portrayed as a frontal assault on human decency, you begin to sound a bit like Chicken Little.

    Loosen up.

  • I could be wrong but maybe the author was being sarcastic.

    And, the linked story/joke was pretty darn funny.

  • Duane, I’m going to assume that you’re more skillful at bringing the ironic mock outrage than I am.