Drum Major Institute “Eye on the Right” and civil Gideon

Well, I have to be encouraged that, when confronted with my argument against civil Gideon, this was the best the Drum Major Institute could come up with to respond (it doesn’t quite rise to the level of a rebuttal).  Compare and contrast the arguments I actually made–and the reasoning given for my conclusions–with the characterizations in the DMI report, and then ask yourself why one of organizations leading the fight for civil Gideon doesn’t dare engage those arguments.


  • The response seems to be that since Ted Frank is affiliated with a tax exempt public policy foundation, Ted Frank’s arguments are suspect. Pretty ironic coming from the Drum Major Institute, itself a tax exempt public policy foundation.

  • As I read the response to Mr. Frank, there are lots of cases where justice is denied because of lack of council. Really? In New York, people often use the delay in courts to postpone eviction and get lots of free rental. With respect to child custody, courts are weapons of choice.Judges and legal procedure provide closure, and that is it. Justice, especially in civil matters, is problematic at best.