Expelled from Miss Porter’s — but it was the Oprichniki’s fault

The family of Tatum Bass of South Carolina has filed a federal lawsuit over her dismissal from Miss Porter’s, the all-girls private school in Farmington, Connecticut. The suit “acknowledges that Bass was suspended from school this fall for cheating on a test. But the lawsuit contends that Bass only cheated because she was frazzled by” belittlement and bullying from a clique of other girls who are said to have called themselves the “Oprichniki,” after the secret police in czarist Russia. (Vanessa de la Torre, “Miss Porter’s School Sued Over Expulsion”, Hartford Courant, Dec. 10).


  • Holy crap, seriously? They called themselves the flippin’ Oprichniki?

    I’m in love. Or would be, at least, if they were of age.

    Seriously, as someone who was tormented frequently in school by completely normal, common-or-garden-variety jerks, I’d much rather be tormented by a dark, shadowy clique. At least that would have been exciting.

    Ah, youth.

  • […] More on that suit by expelled student against Miss Porter’s School; “Oprichniki” said to be not identical to Keepers of Tradition [NYTimes; our December coverage] […]