Guest Blogging, and an Introduction

Due to deadlines and other real life commitments, Walter Olson has graciously invited me to guest blog here through the holidays, which I shall begin in earnest on Sunday.  I am your lump of coal from Overlawyered.  I regularly blog at my own site, Social Services for Feral Children, to which Overlawyered has linked on several occasions, for which I am deeply thankful.  I am an attorney with a civil defense practice in a medium southern state, and enjoy writing about bizarre or abusive lawsuits among other topics.  You may notice that at my own site I write with a rather more acerbic style (meaning I cuss and call people names) than prevails at Overlawyered.  In keeping with the conventions established here, I shall attempt to maintain a dignified presence in order to avoid spoiling Walter’s holiday.


  • Congratulations, Patrick. They’re lucky to have you.

  • I certainly look forward to Overlawyered in your capable and always interesting hands. Just don’t let Walter make you sit in Ted’s chair. Bad things can happen to people who sit in Ted’s chair.