GWB as regulator: new opt-out “conscience” rules for health workers

“The Bush administration, as expected, announced new protections on Thursday for health care providers who oppose abortion and other medical procedures on religious or moral grounds.” (NYT via GruntDoc). I briefly criticized this bad idea in a post last week at Secular Right, and there are hopes that the incoming Obama administration will rescind it. P.S. Longer post now up over there.


  • Every morning Jimmy Carter gets up and falls to his knees and thanks God for George W Bush. Academics everywhere are no doubt busy revising their lists of the worst presidents ever.

  • […] topic, which I mentioned in passing last week, is back in the news with the announcement of an executive order by President Bush extending and entrenching the […]

  • Many live vaccines are grown in animals such as horses. Suppose there was one that was best grown in pigs. Assuming that the Executive order is reversed, does that mean that a Muslim Doctor can’t refuse to administer that particular vaccine?

    Some life saving transplant surgeries use pig veins, skin or cartilage as a substrate for tissue regrowth. Similar problem with Muslim Doctors.

  • “Many live vaccines are grown in animals such as horses”

    No current vaccines are grown in live animals. We do use some anti-serums from animals, including horses.

  • When I went to college lo those many years ago at the only school to have a rough ‘n tusked pig for a mascot I seem to remember at that time there were many Muslims students matriculating there. I wonder if that has recently changed?

  • Observant Jews might also have problems with vaccines grown in pigs and so forth.