“How many hernias…?”

How many elective inguinal hernia repairs do you think a surgeon might have to perform to raise the money to pay his annual malpractice insurance bill? We’re not told which state he practices in or what kind of practice or community, only that he’s getting a relatively good deal on insurance because he has no outstanding suits.

Guess for yourself, and then go see whether ER Stories’ answer is higher or lower than you guessed (Dec. 7).


  • $68K a year, he is getting a great deal! He should try being in South Florida where its about $210K.

  • Yeah, 68K is the bargain basement rate for a general surgeon with no outstanding suits. It goes up to 110 K after one suit and probably close to Florida’s rate after two. I don’t know what is worse, the malpracise rates or the poor insurance reimbursement for participating surgeons.