Montgomery Blair Sibley update

Not that it’s any surprise to anyone who’s been following these matters, but on Tuesday, Chief Justice Roberts finally got around to denying Overlawyered reader-favorite Montgomery Blair Sibley‘s application for a stay of the order automatically suspending him from practice in the District of Columbia.  While that stay application was pending, the D.C. Board on Professional Responsibility recommended in November that the suspension last three years, “with his reinstatement conditioned upon a showing of fitness to practice.”  The D.C. Bar website still shows Sibley as an “active” member of the bar.


  • Why did Florida only suspend him for 3 years? Worse, the DC Appellate opinion agrees with Florida, saying that a 3 year suspension is “within the range of sanctions…for such conduct”!!! What does it take to be permanently disbarred? I said it before and I’ll say it again…attorney “discipline” in this country is a joke. What is the point of having dozens of ethic requirements if they are not enforced? Steal money from your client? No problem – we’ll just slap you on the wrist and you can be on your way. Lie to your client, opposing counsel, and the court? WooHoo! Here is your slap on the wrist. No wonder people have low opinions of attorneys.

  • Sibley reapplied and submitted his application to Justice Thomas in December. The Court met on it this week, but, sadly for Mr. Sibley, they chose to deny his application for a stay. This information appeared on the USSC website late 1/22/09.