New Orleans: brawl between class action lawyers

And not a figurative brawl either: “fisticuffs broke out between attorneys Madro Bandaries and J. Robert Ates, who were pushing rival class-action suits about the late handling of insurance claims …[lead attorney Wiley] Beevers and Bandaries have traded hostile rhetoric in recent weeks as they try to gain advantage for their rival class-action suits against Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp., which could produce $5 million in spoils for the victorious legal team.” (Rebecca Mowbray, “Brawl erupts between two lawyers at civil court”, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Dec. 16).


  • I saw this and thought, “It’s going to show up on Overlawyered in a heartbeat.”

    My oracle skills rock!

    Now, “Money will fall from the sky!”

    *goes to check*

    Man, I love my state!

  • Maybe we should standardize this. When ever there are two lawyers with rival class-action suits, lock them in a room and the one that emerges get to pursue the suit. Can I have the TV rights?

  • The perfect ending to this little episode would be if both attorneys involved wound up suing each other đŸ™‚

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