Royall pain to his critics

Jacob Sullum at Reason “Hit and Run” (Dec. 10):

I want to write a blog post about H. Walker Royall, the Dallas developer who sues people when they criticize his abuse of eminent domain, but I’m afraid he’ll sue me. After all, he sued Wright Gore III over a website that detailed the city of Freeport’s attempt to condemn land occupied by the Western Seafood Company, a business owned by Gore’s family, so Royall could use it for a luxury marina project. And he sued Carla Main, a journalist who wrote a book about the legal struggle over the Gores’ land, along with her publisher, Encounter Books [also a publisher of mine — W.O.]. He sued University of Chicago law professor Richard Epstein, one of the country’s leading authorities on eminent domain, for writing a blurb that appeared on the cover of Main’s book. He even sued two newspapers that published reviews of the book.

So after thinking carefully about my potential legal exposure, I have decided not to say that Royall…

I can’t go on. I just can’t. I’m so scared of Royall that I can’t even repeat the colorful epithets that Sullum might apply to Royall if he dared (which he doesn’t) for fear that Royall will then find some excuse to sue me too. But you can go read them if you dare. More: Tim Sandefur, PLF on Eminent Domain.


  • Thank you, Mr. Royall, for bringing my attention to Carla Main’s book. I’ve ordered it from Amazon, which I hope will, in some small way, help Ms. Main and the Institute for Justice defray the costs of defending your suits.

  • p.s. Please don’t sue me.

  • Please don’t sue me Mr Royal but I have a question. Will you sue me if I believe you are a parasite on society, a coward that can’t make a living without stealing what others work for? I do believe this. I too ordered Carla’s book from Borders and am making a contribution to help the Institute for Justice get justice for this fine author. Yes Mr. Royall I do believe you are a parasite, a coward, and a loser. Is it against the law to say what I believe?

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