The accomplishments of Marc Dreier

Even after being jailed in Toronto, the litigator managed to grift $10 million from an escrow into his personal account. And he let the malpractice insurance on his law practice lapse, as his horrified colleagues are now finding out. (Alison Leigh Cowan, Charles V. Bagli and William K. Rashbaum, “Lawyer Seen as Bold Enough to Cheat the Best of Investors”, New York Times, Dec. 13).

P.S. Eric Turkewitz (Dec. 14) has a sobering analysis of possible liability exposure for the non-equity partners of Dreier LLP.


  • That really is ultra-impressive work. In a bad way, I mean.

  • Memo to all those who overlook or cannot recognize profound character disorder: When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

    I especially liked the part where he cancelled the liability insurance for the law firm, just as massive fraud and malpractice was underway.