United Airlines liquor service caused husband to beat wife

Such is the contention of Yoichi and Ayisha Shimamoto, who are suing UAL “for ‘negligently’ overserving alcohol during a flight from Osaka, Japan, to San Francisco, saying the carrier’s drinks fueled the domestic violence involving the two shortly after their plane landed.” (Julie Johnsson, “Couple accuse United Airlines of overserving husband, causing him to beat wife”, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 17).


  • That’s certainly an interesting twist on a dram shop case.

    But here is the question: Assume for the sake of argument that the guy was stinking drunk and they continued to give him booze. Assume he was completely blottoed.

    Should the airline be subject to any liablilty if they did not act with reasonable care under the circumstances? Or does the airline get automatic immunity notwithstanding its conduct?

  • Of no interest to anyone is the fact that I went to elementary school with Professor Speta, who is quoted in the article.

    Small world!

  • Mr. Shimamoto, when did you start beating your wife?

  • Did Mr. Shimamoto fly another airplane while potted from his airplane drinks?


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